Books & Articles

The following books, articles and websites are useful places to start learning about Reproductive Immunology.

Overview of Reproductive Immunology (including indicators for possible immune problems)
Source: Alan E. Beer Center


Miscarriages Can Be Prevented
Source: Reproductive Immunology Associates


Miscarriages and the Immune System
Source: Braverman IVF & Reproductive Immunology


Dr. Braverman’s Video Center (20+ informational videos)
Source: Braverman IVF & Reproductive Immunology


Explanation of one way the immune system can cause a woman to have recurrent miscarriages after having a healthy baby.  (This article explains what has happened with me – HLA matches and Natural Killer cells.)

Source: Sher Fertility Clinics


Book: Is Your Body Baby-Friendly? by Alan E. Beer, M.D.
Book: Avoiding Miscarriage, by Susan Rousselot
 Book: To Full Term, by Darci Klein

This is a starter list containing information I personally think is most useful to someone new to this subject.  There is much more information on additional pages of the websites above, and there is also a “Recommended Reading” list in the Files of the Reproductive Immunology Support Group that you may want to peruse.


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