I love to hear from other women who have struggled to understand their miscarriages and sorrows.  I may not have any answers for you, but if I can help you in some way, I’d be very happy to … so don’t hesitate to contact me at:

jmans (underscore) wife (at) yahoo (dot) com

You can also connect with me on Facebook:


7 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Sara,

    Your Blog is absolutely wonderful. I applaud your efforts to solve the miscarriage problem and for sharing with others who may benefit from your wisdom and perseverence.


  2. Finally found some one that i can relate too.. i had 3 miscarriages! (RPL).. and positive for 2 copies of A1298c .. not sure if that may be the problem to my losses. but not im seeking help from a specialist who just did a panel of rpl on me. still waiting for the results and the game plan!.. I also looked in to dr braverman but unfortunately he is very exp and i have medicaid which def does not cover fertility.. looking forwrd to hearing more about your story.


    • I hope you can find some answers soon. Any update on your bloodwork? I am very sorry for your losses and I truly hope you find a doctor who can help.


      • blood work all seems to be fine!.. but the doc recommended that i get a saline infusion sono done .. so just waiting on that..


  3. I’m so glad to find this site – I had 2 m/c, then my son in 2010 (a preemie, but he’s great!), then 2 more losses, the most recent at 19 weeks. I had my first appt with Dr. Kwak-Kim last week and am waiting for blood test results and a follow up. I’m anxious to see how Dr. Braverman’s plan compares and how our tests are similar or different. Best of luck!


  4. Hi Sara, thank you for sharing your story. I too have had multiple miscarriages, seven, after having my son 8 years ago. I finally am undergoing treatment with dr. Braverman. I live in Philadelphia, so have had a consultation and am starting treatment. How has your experience been so far with him? Hope to hear from you!! Best of luck, renee


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